Parish Council Meetings

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th March at 6.30p.m.

Due to the current restrictions in place relating to Covid-19, the meeting will be held as a remote meeting to which members of the public will be invited to join either by video conference, or over the telephone.

Those wishing to join should contact the Clerk before 3pm on the day of the meeting to obtain the access details and password.

Whilst meetings are being held remotely, it is requested that any members of the public wishing to ask a question submit these by email to the Clerk. Written submissions should be limited to 500 words and submitted to the Clerk no later than midday two days before the meeting in order that they can be read out and discussed.

The contact email for the Clerk is

The agenda is located here: Englefield Parish Council Agenda 13th January 2021